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The Instant Feelings

Figures shaped by the touches guided by inspirations, reflecting the craziness of its designer. When the inspiration touches the silk, the designer brings the design to life by using an extensive color chart.

Only 5 pieces are produced of each design of the Fantastic Collection to preserve the exclusiveness of the designs.

Square Scarf/Fantastic Col./36/Ltd.Edt.1/5

    • Collection: Square Scarf
    • Design Theme: FANTASTIC
    • Design No: 36
    • Limited Edition No: 1
    • Limited Edition Quantity: 5
    • Designed by Nefise Serra
    • Measures: 90x90 cm
    • Material: %100 Silk Twill/Trademark Italian Quality
    • %100 Made in Italy
    • Ethically Hand-Rolled by Artisans
    • Digitally Printed with non-toxic dyes
    • Designed&Produced in this Color Only
    • Dry clean with care
    • The Limited Production is Numbered and Certified
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