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Thousands of Heartfelt Designs...
A Manager of Luxury & Fashion Brand by SDA Bocconi School of Management/Milan,

An International E-Commerce Professional (Certified by Coproline), 
A Self-Learning Graphic Designer (Professional usage of all Adobe and Corel CADs),
A Certified Artist of Turkish Classical Arts by Mastery Course of Topkapi Palace of Turkish Ministry of Culture,
An Italian Sworn Translator School of Leonardo Da Vinci/Rome (Upper Graduate),
The Mom of 3 handsome sons and a beautiful daughter that is the meaning of life,

And finally, the Designer & Owner of nacQue...
Along with all these responsibilities, an undergraduate student of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Business Administration, a student of the Academy of Fine Arts.

I'm Nefise Serra and I meet you with my designs in nacQue.

For me:

You are an ArtWork


nacQue designs are your complementaries...

I am so fortunate since I am from Istanbul, the capital of empires, the intersection point of the eastern and the western cultures with an unending historical richness. I know that all these features have always affected positively and strongly my productivity in the way of success.


Art and design are the ingenuities embedded in my DNA and the natural fabrics, especially silk, are my personal preferences that come from my Aegean origins. In particular, sustainability is an important responsibility in my life and in my business, and luxury fashion is my special interest with all its processes and products. The combination of my interests led me to explore a chosen city, Como, where I fell in love again with the harmony of silk and design. After this special trip, the branding of nacQue began to shape in my mind while I was continuing my business and art activities in Istanbul. As my love for art, silk, and design got deeper, all my business activities and routines turned towards Silk and Design. 


In the meantime, something was attracting my adventurous personality and explorer spirit with a very strong power to new formations, and life gave me an opportunity to find these new formations, and so I relocated to Rome. I explored my hidden developer side while I was absorbing the Italian Culture, from art to design, from daily life to events, and from history to the industry. Every street that I had walked through, every sound that I had heard, and everything that I had seen added new concepts to my productivity and to all my professionalism combined to create nacQue and her components. In the great creativity of the eternal city, my design perspective jumped into another dimension and so nacQue was born. I constructed many phases of nacQue in Rome and Istanbul while I was living contemporaneously in both cities and nacQue will always carry the cultural traces of these magnificent cities in her soul. 


Being created by me with instant inspirations, all of my patterns and designs are reflectors of my feelings and my subconscious like a poem or a song. I gather my selected designs in nacQue's collections and they become my showcase where I share my designs and my style with the lovers of distinctness and classiness. I prepare every element of nacQue meticulously so that it suits your style and transmits my perfectionism and passion to you without any loss.


I am an artist and a designer as well as a producer and a user and nacQue exists to touch your beloved style. While gathering my selected designs in collection themes, I prefer looking at them from your point of view and I think as if I were a lady searching for classiness and I ask myself, ''Which design would I like?" and "Which product would I use?''. This empathetic thinking adds intelligence to all nacQue products and connects the originality with the uniqueness and the usefulness with the smartness.


I rejoice when my designs meet with the lovers of breathable luxury who use them cherishingly, and I feel like a designer selected by my Creator since He gave me the opportunity to create my designs freely, to work with silk and other natural fabrics, and to present you their perfect combination.

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