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A timeless accessory, the Square Scarf is the first inspiration form of the designer. Many design themes and thematic collections of nacQue were created with this shape. 
Each design of the Square Scarf is produced in a limited quantity, only 1, 3 or 5 piece/s depending on its collection. 

nacQue Square Scarves are made of premium quality silk and their edges are hand-rolled in the Italian style by skilled specialists.

Every nacQue Square Scarf will give you the pleasure of wearing a real Italian silk scarf with all its characteristics.


With its oblong forms suitable for your custom wearing, the nacQue Foulards are presented in two stylistic collections named Long Composite and Large Composite. These two collections are created from nacQue's various design themes such as Selected, Alphabet, Color, and Flower Art in different dimensions.
Each design of these two collections is produced in a limited quantity depending on its theme collection.
All nacQue foulards are made of premium quality silk and their edges are hand-rolled by talented artisans to be worthy of your style. 



With the shaping ability of silk and the guidance of forms, the matchless costumes, and accessories from nacQue's limited edition foulards and scarves are created in the Inspire Collection. Each design of the Inspire Collection is stylized spontaneously and carries the characteristics of its scarf or foulard collection. nacQue's themed silk combines the coherent or opposite-colored silk with the creative handwork of the designer and every piece transmits to you the enthusiasm of its creation voyage.


An accessory is sufficient to highlight your style. Especially if it is a stole, hairband, belt, bracelet, necklace or a pocket square made from pure silk and eye-catching designs.
These irreplaceable accessories were stylized in Wrap, Ribbon, Strap, Gimp, Chain and, Pocket Collection in nacQue Accessory to bring a qualified Italian elegance to your accessory concept.
All articles of these six collections are produced from high-quality silk in a limited quantity and are transformed into their forms with the fine work of the artisans.


Wrap Collection

In the form of a narrow stole, the Wrap Collection complements your costumes with its brilliant color harmony and delicate pattern designs.

Each design of the Wrap Collection is produced from high-quality silk in a limited quantity of 3 pieces. Reflecting the fine work of its artisan with its excellent hand-rolled edges, the Wrap Collection designs will always be essential accessories for you anywhere and anytime.



A pocket square becomes a passionate accessory and an artwork when it is created from silk and stylized by the artisans.
nacQue Pocket Collection is created to present the qualified silk pocket squares for their different usage styles to the admirers of this timeless accessory.
The Pocket Collection is formed from nacQue's selected design themes and each pocket square carries the characteristics of its theme collection.
With its excellent hand-rolled edges, each nacQue pocket square is a work of art produced in a limited quantity by talented specialists using high-quality silk.



A belt or a necklace...The Ribbon Collection designs wrap your fineness with their astonishing forms and pure silk textures.

Each design of the Ribbon Collection is produced in a limited quantity of 3 pieces and sewn by expert tailors as double-sided to give your plain style a perfect look.

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The Strap Collection brightens your hairstyle with its colorful and stirring pattern designs.

Each design of the Strap Collection is produced from pure silk in a limited quantity of 3 pieces and sewn by expert tailors as double-sided to perfect your hair.

Gimp Pink and Black 5.jpg


Sportive, casual and chic...

The Gimp Collection designs add distinctiveness to your accessories with the characteristic purity of silk.

Each design of the Gimp Collection is produced from pure silk in a limited quantity of 3 pieces and sewn by expert tailors as double-sided in the form of a bracelet to perfectly swathe your wrist.

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Silk and Cotton, the two most healthy and precious textures, combined in nacQue's Cotton Silk Collection to make your elegance the most breathable one.
Cotton Silk Collection presents you the most extraordinary visuality and the softest touch with its free-spirited design themes and smooth textures.
Each design of the Cotton Silk is produced from premium quality cotton-silk fabric in a limited quantity based on its theme collection.
Each Cotton Silk product is sewn by special tailors and its edges are finished in various styles: machine stitched, hand-rolled or hand fringed. 
The Cotton Silk Collection designs are your must-have accessories for your breathable elegance.



The designs chosen from nacQue's various collections become cushions in nacQue Decor and embellish your home with the noble and splendid touch of silk.
Each Cushion is produced as a pair and in a limited quantity based on its theme collection in its original design colors and is hand sewn by expert tailors.
The Cushions of nacQue Decor are stylized as double-sided and the designs of their front face and back face have the same, different, or similar reflected designs for versatile use.
The outer edges of each cushion are surrounded by special hand-braided and hand-sewn silk cords and the inner faces of all cushions are lined with pure silk lining.
Produced with artisan touches, the nacQue Cushions bring breathable luxury to your home.

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