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Rome, Como, Istanbul...

Three Magical Cities that Synthesize their Life Rhythms and Cultural Wealth in nacQue.

Passion, Love, Rhythm, Emotion, Life, Enthusiasm, and Freedom...
The bases of the Unlimited UniQueness.


The Colorful Dance of Lines on the Surfaces with Fineness...
The Exhibition of thousands of Different Designs in dozens of Special Collections.

nacQue, my masterpiece, is the sum of my artistic background, professional experience, cultural interactions, and passion for sustainable luxury. The essence of her existence is the perfect blend of art, design, and silk. Thousands of different designs created with instant inspirations shaped by my life rhythms and my talents are her distinctive characters. The indispensable codes of sustainable luxury form the fundamentals of her ethical values and, nacQue denominates all these as ''Breathable Luxury'' in her philosophy.


The branding journey of nacQue started when I fell in love again with the glamorous harmony of silk and art during my exploration trip to Como, the Capital of Silk. I formed nacQue's collection concepts, product range, and corporate structure with the regenerative energies of Rome and Istanbul, the cities where I had been living. These three ancient cities, Como, Rome, and Istanbul, were my true fortune as they were the most suitable places for creating nacQue with their inspiration and artisan resources and they have always added an advanced intelligence to nacQue's brand identity.


''nacQue'' means ''was born'' in Italian and symbolizes the brand's birth in the eternal city and hides the ethical codes of the brand philosophy in its letters. ''Rome'' expresses a special meaning for nacQue as it is the sacred place of her life codes and I have always carried proudly the name of Rome on my brand to thank her for granting nacQue her eternity.


Thousands of matchless patterns and designs of nacQue are created by me giving freedom to the forms with lines and combining the expressionism of art with the constructiveness of design. They come together in dozens of different collections under many specific themes such as naturalistic, artistic, geometric, cosmic, alphabetic, and fantastic. Refined with the Italian production culture and sustainable luxury criteria, the selected designs of nacQue are transformed into scarves, foulards, accessories, cushions, and costumes and they are presented to you for making you one of their enthusiasts.


nacQue collections are only produced from silk and its blends with natural fabrics using ethical manufacturing processes and in their original design colors by an esteemed manufacturer in Como. All nacQue products are Limited Editions and they are all produced in a limited quantity, only 1, 3 or 5 piece/s,  Each product is personally inspected by me before being presented to you in order to reach the premium quality. 


Now, nacQue continues to grow with all her dynamics in the diversity of Rome to make you feel like you have always been in the eternal city, and she meets you, the breathable luxury admirers, with the freshness of thousands of her curative designs to give you a breathable elegance.

Nefise Serra Altinayar/Founder&Designer

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