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More than a Foulard

With the shaping ability of silk and the guidance of forms, the matchless costumes, and accessories from nacQue's limited edition foulards and scarves are created in the Inspire Collection.

Each design of the Inspire Collection is stylized spontaneously and carries the characteristics of its scarf or foulard collection.

nacQue's themed silk combines the coherent or opposite-colored silk with the creative handwork of the designer and every piece transmits to you the enthusiasm of its creation voyage.

Inspire Collection/Silk Kaftan/Pure Col./Pink/Ltd.Edt.3

    • Collection: INSPIRE/KAFTAN
    • Foulard Design Theme: SCARF/PURE
    • Design No: 01
    • Limited Edition No: 1
    • Limited Edition Quantity: 3
    • Designed by Nefise Serra
    • Material:
    • Foulard: 100% Silk Twill/Trademark Italian Quality
    • Ethically Hand-Rolled by Artisans
    • Digitally Printed with non-toxic dyes
    • Designed&Produced in its Original Design Colors
    • Fabric: 100% Silk/Trademark Italian Quality
    • Designed&Created by Nefise Serra
    • Dry clean with care
    • The Limited Production is Numbered and Certified
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