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Sportive, casual and chic...

The Gimp Collection designs add distinctiveness to your accessories with the characteristic purity of silk.

Each design of the Gimp Collection is produced from pure silk in a limited quantity of 3 pieces and sewn by expert tailors as double-sided in the form of a bracelet to perfectly swathe your wrist.

Accessory/Gimp Collection/Silk Bracelet/Art.01/Ltd.Edt.1/3

    • Collection: Accessory
    • Design Theme: GIMP
    • Design No: 01
    • Limited Edition No: 1
    • Limited Edition Quantity: 3
    • Designed by Nefise Serra
    • Measures: 4X75 cm
    • Material: 100% Silk Twill/Trademark Italian Quality
    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Ethically Hand-Rolled by Artisans
    • Digitally Printed with non-toxic dyes
    • Designed&Produced in its Original Design Colors
    • Dry clean with care
    • The Limited Production is Numbered and Certified
    • The silver ring is not included in the price and the product
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