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Silk and Cotton, the two most healthy and precious textures, were combined in the nacQue Cotton Silk Collection to make your elegance the most breathable one.
Cotton Silk Collection presents you the most extraordinary visuality and the softest touch with its free-spirited design themes and smooth textures.
Each design of Cotton Silk is produced from premium quality cotton-silk fabric in a limited quantity based on its theme collection in its original design colors.
Each item is sewn by special tailors and its edges are finished in various styles: machine stitched, hand-rolled or hand fringed. 
The Cotton Silk Collection designs will be your must-have accessories for all four seasons.

Cotton Silk/Color Col./Pink 1/Ltd.Edt.1/3

    • Collection: Cotton Silk
    • Design Theme: COLOR
    • Design Name: Pink 1
    • Special Phrase: Pink is the Color of Happiness
    • Limited Edition No: 1
    • Limited Edition Quantity: 3
    • Designed by Nefise Serra
    • Measures: 65x200 cm
    • Material: 70% Cotton/ 30% Silk/Trademark Italian Quality
    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Ethically Hand-Crafted by Artisans
    • Digitally Printed with non-toxic dyes
    • Designed&Produced in this Color Only
    • Dry clean with care
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