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The pocket square, especially made of silk, is a passionate accessory as an art stylized by the artisans.
nacQue Pocket Collection is created to present the qualified silk pocket squares for different usage styles to the admirers of this timeless accessory.
The Pocket Collection is formed from nacQue's selected design themes and each pocket square is produced with the characteristic of its theme collection.
Made of selected silk, each pocket square with its excellent hand-rolled edges by talented specialists to be a work of art.

Pocket sQuare/Flower Art/Water Lilies04/Ltd.Edt.1/3

    • Collection: Pocket sQuare
    • Design Theme: FLOWER ART
    • Flower: WATER LILIES
    • Design No: 04
    • Limited Edition No: 1
    • Limited Edition Quantity: 3
    • Designed by Nefise Serra
    • Measures: 30x30 cm
    • Material: 100% Silk Twill/Trademark Italian Quality
    • 100% Made in Italy
    • Ethically Hand-Rolled by Artisans
    • Digitally Printed with non-toxic dyes
    • Designed&Produced in this Color Only
    • Dry clean with care
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